V1 - community for student builders
Enlight - network to learn to code by building projects
MakeSPP - largest HS hackathon in NJ area
Syessa - DTC eCommerce store
Issa Caption - find the perfect caption for your Instagram posts
Reflect - reflect on social engagement
Blink - communication for locked-in patients
Tick Tock Inc. - b2b eCommerce store
Food Drive Counter- tracker for community food drive
Swift Frameworks (WWDC 18) — WWDC scholarship submission
Peters - app for my high school
SafeFront- next-gen 911 response system
Twext- early hackathon project; search tweets
Enlight 1.0 - project tutorials; my first time launching something
Siimply Tech (blog) - tech news blog
YouTube channel - tech reviews and vlogs
Shoveling business - bootstrapped enough $$$ to buy my first laptop