Hello, I'm Samay.

I'm a third-year student studying computer science at the University of Michigan. Currently, I'm working as an engineer at Ramp, the corporate card and spend management platform designed to help businesses spend less.

In my free time, I spend my time building Enlight, the network to learn to code by building projects. I also work with Contrary Capital as a venture partner.

My interest in technology goes back to middle school where I used to create video reviews on YouTube. Soon after, I found myself learning to code and creating apps and websites for fun. I used my skills to improve the communities that I'm a part of through a handful of side-projects.

Previously, I've interned at DataCamp , working on engineering efforts focused on conversion and platform growth. I also started MakeSPP, NJ's largest HS hackathon. In 2018, I was an Apple WWDC scholar.

I'm incredibly impact-driven and passionate about building for a better tomorrow.


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Get in touch

I'm most active on Twitter. My email is my first name @ — my DMs and inbox are always open.