My side project

A new venture

About a little over a year ago, I started Enlight, a mini-project to teach people to code by building projects. To my surprise, it ended up doing fairly well. Enlight made the front-page of Hacker News (2.0), got over 900 upvotes on Product Hunt (2.0), and was posted on many subreddits. Enlight is also very close to 1,000 email subscribers.

I think the most-mind blowing moment for me was when there were more than 100 users simultaneously on the site. The same day as Enlight was featured on HN, Jeff Atwood, the co-founder of Stack Overflow, tweeted it out.

However, balancing schoolwork and other side projects as a high-school student and varsity athlete proved to be extremely challenging. Although Enlight grew, it had not grown at the pace I thought it would have.

Recently, my "free" domain provider, Freenom, decided to take away As they can legally do this (I did not purchase the .ml domain), I take full responsibility. I should have purchased an actual domain. Since Wednesday, October 11th, no one was able to reach Enlight via Thus, I lost the domain all my users were familiar with. It truly is heartbreaking to see everything that you've worked for be unable to be accessed by the world. I've learnt my lesson - the hard way. I'm currently working on taking Enlight to a whole new level.

As of 2018, Enlight can be reached at