2022 & 2021: Year in Review

A quick recap of the past 24 months of my life.

Life has been busy.

Last summer, I made a new friend in San Francisco. We chatted for an hour or so. After we caught-up and I went about my own way, he texted me: "did you do a 2021 year in review?"...

It was then that I realized that at least one person cares about my life updates.


2022 was fantastic.

I threw the largest startup career fair on campus, wrote code for features that impacted thousands of customers, worked out and felt better than ever before, traveled to Europe (Paris, Barcelona) for Spring Break, wrapped up my junior year, celebrated turning 21 with friends in NYC (my friends are insane...), moved to NYC for the summer, attended our engineering offsite in Miami, attended the Interact and Contrary Retreats in Northern California, caught up with friends in San Francisco and Los Angeles, got promoted to SWE II at Ramp, began my senior year (officially finished classes at the University of Michigan in December), and much more.


  • In the midst of remote-school and COVID, I started V1, the community for ambitious student builders at the University of Michigan. It started out as a newsletter and then turned into a Discord group with fireside chats (YC President, Morning Brew CEO, Loom CTO, so many others...), maker hangouts, and more.
  • Launched Enlight's Design cohort.
  • I took a bunch of classes (W22)—EECS 370 (Computer Org.), EECS 445 (Machine Learning), ENTR 490, PHIL 289.
  • Moved to NYC for the summer with four friends in the East Village and started my internship at Ramp. Had a blast.
  • Hosted a really dope event for interns in the city.
  • Vibed in Miami for a minute with fam. And then Salt Lake City...
  • Committed to Ramp for the long-term and worked part-time through the school year.
  • Began my junior year on-campus — grew V1, had a really fun semester, took interesting classes (EECS 376 - Foundations CS, EECS 388 - Security, EECS 485 - Web Systems, ENTR 490), & hosted more crazy events on-campus with friends.